The Hidden Cost of Cheap Labor

With the latest release of inexpensive video technology, business owners have more options than ever before to fulfill their video marketing needs. Increased numbers of amateurs entering the video market have drastically decreased prices, but dramatically increased frustration for business owners seeking quality video services. Below are some things to consider when hiring a video professional.

1. Professional Demo Reel

Prospective candidates must have a sizeable body of work to show you. Also, be sure to inquire about their specific role on each project. Was he the camera operator? Or the Production Assistant?

2. Consistent, Professional Online Presence

When you "Google" their business, what pops up? A consistent online presence shows you that the candidate has taken the time to develop their professional image--which is a strong indicator of how they will treat your brand.

3. Story

Video Production is more than just pretty pictures. Each shot contributes to your overall brand story (and yes, every brand has a story!) Videos must not only be visually engaging, but also intriguing enough for prospective clients to inquire about your services.

These are just three major reasons as to why you should hire a video professional. Hiring inexperienced video producers almost always lead to overextended budgets, missed deadlines and substandard content.