Want to be a boss? Change your mentality

Hey guys, I’m excited to bring you my very first post as the Resident Career Expert at MYCC. I’m extremely honored to share stories of my own career missteps and lessons I’ve learned along the way. From leaving my dream job at a major television network in New York to losing the next job in the middle of a recession, I’ve learned a lot about being pushed, forced and kicked out of my comfort zone. My goal in writing for MYCC is to help you right where you are: fully aware of your own greatness, but unsure of the steps to take to live the life you want.

This month’s topic is one of my biggest frustrations: the mindset of an entrepreneur vs the mindset of an employee. In recent years, with the relative ease of legally starting a business, many have taken the leap into business ownership. However, although everyone wants to be a boss, very few understand that being a “boss” starts as a mentality.

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